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 Due to the border incidents between India and China, TikTok was banned by the Indian government in mid-2020, along with several other Chinese apps. This lead to a lot of people being upset at the government as the App was not just a form of entertainment but also a source of income for many.     

Reason for TikTok`s popularity in India 

The smartphone app TikTok had become popular within a short time, mostly due to the craze of earning fame within a short time without much any kind of investment. India, being a nation with 1.3 billion people, and most of them having a smartphone, TikTok became a form of easy entertainment for most of the people.

 Another reason TikTok gained popularity is because of its short videos, it didn’t consume much time either. People could upload instantly from their smartphones, while the rest of the nation could watch it just after. Although its content has been criticized vehemently for being cheap and vulgar, it has continued to become popular, with millions of active users. 

Another reason for its popularity is because the other platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook has become years old. Instagram has been the social media platform dominant among youngsters for a long time. However, with the rise of too many `influencers`, some people seemed to have turned away from the popular platform. 

Another reason that gave TikTok its popularity is its shorter content of around three minutes or so. TikTok also gave the user an easy way to edit their videos and add filters. Used mostly to create lip-sync music videos, TikTok gave people a variety of options while they created them. One had the option of choosing from thousands of songs, as well as tools that can easily personalize the video. The camera also had speed controls so that the user could decide whether the images pass slowly or quickly. 

Compared to other apps, TikTok also has fewer rules and regulations, which is why it has become so mainstream. YouTube, for example, limits your freedom of expression in several ways. This turned many users away from other social media apps, and they chose TikTok over the rest. TikTok might have a few small regulations, but it is nothing as compared to the other Apps. As TikTok began growing, it also became an efficient source of income for them. 

TikTok Ban in India 

TikTok was eventually banned in mid-2020, along with several other apps, due to the border tensions between India and China. It is estimated that TikTok will see a loss of an estimated $ 6 billion after the ban. Within a short time after the ban, internet service providers started blocking their subscribers from accessing the app. 

Though the ban has upset many TikTok users in India, there has been also many people in support of the ban, and it’s unlikely that the app will return. This became the first time that a country, with the world’s second-largest internet market, whereas many as half its population has online access, has made the decision to ban several different foreign apps. According to the nation`s Computer Emergency Response Team, they had received several representations from citizens regarding the security of data and breach of privacy. 

Alternatives to TikTok 


Another TikTok alternative app is the pure Indian app Chingari which is similar to TikTok in many ways. The app pays a content creator on the basis of how popular their videos become.  Its features also include trending news, entertainment news, funny videos, video songs etc. It also supports multiple Indian languages. 


Mitron is another app which rivals TikTok. It has managed to gain a lot of popularity within a short time. It enables a user to make short videos and also earn followers for their content. Users earn likes and if their content can attract audience, they can get famous through the app in a short time. Mitron is also known for its easy and seamless interface through which users are able to create, edit and then share their content.


This TikTok alternative app lets you create lip-sync videos, with the help of other music. It also gives you the ability to indulge in popular video categories such as fashion, vlogging, and comedy. Users can also claim rewards if the videos earn enough comments, likes, or shares. You may also earn prizes for commenting on videos or watching them. If you make any kind of mistake while creating your videos, the basic in-app video editing tools can allow you to cut and trim your videos as well. The app also allows you to challenge other users, start battles, select different topics in which you can display your creativity. 


This app is another TikTok alternative and it lets you record a video and the auto-editing algorithm can do the rest of the work for you. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kevin Hart are also known to use this app while editing their social media videos. The main reason is that the app is very easy to use. The app also has great collab video features, so you can make great videos with your friends. However you should remember that this is not a networking application as it only allows users to edit their videos, but you don’t have the option to start a community. 


InShot is one of the video makers that come with HD video editors. It also has music that can aid you in making your videos easily and quite comfortably. You also have the additional option to trim, cut, or split the videos into multiple slips as you want just like TikTok allows. Furthermore, you can also merge several clips into one after which you may insert free music by using different kinds of video effects and filters. You may also crop videos quite easily as well, and then export it without the video losing its quality, and share your videos to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter and Messenger with just a single button’s click. 


Dubsmash is another great TikTok alternative. It had gained popularity during the rise of TikTok. It has got thousands of materials from TV and music videos to lip-sync to. There is always fresh material to watch for users, which has made it a great app for those who need an alternative to TikTok. To make videos, the app allows users to add stickers as well as text overlays to videos. You may watch the videos in Snapchat style, where the news feed will be divided into two different sections. This will allow you to not only keep track of your friend’s videos but also check out the latest trends that are happening around you. Other than making awesome videos, the app also allows you to share your videos with other social media networks. 


Funimate is also a TikTok alternative that can help you make slow-motion videos. This app comes with a huge collection of different popular songs as well as sound effects using which users are able to create lip-syncing videos. It also offers options of video effects, adding text or stickers to a video, making collab videos with friends by just merging the footage into one single clip.


VMate is yet another short video editor and video sharing community with millions of users worldwide. Available in eleven different languages, this app can help you create funny and quirky videos, attract more music fans to follow you, choosing interesting content, and making amazing friends. VMate has amazing video editing tools and features as well. It includes over 300 emoji stickers and face filters. You also have the option to review information on the latest movies, nearby shops which has great ratings, food, clothes, and more useful skills. Also powered by the world’s best intelligent recommendation technology, video recommendations are personalized to ensure that they will match your interests. 

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