How’d you start your Business, Blog or Freelance?

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Many people dream of their own business. There are soo many people in the world who want their own business. Business means to make a profit by selling goods and services in a well-organised manner by an individual. In business, you get engaged in commercial, professional and industrial activities. In business, you have to work regularly to earn more profit. Anyone can start their own business. There is no age limit to start your business. You also don’t need any college degree to run your business.  You just need some money, a good administration to start your business.

Here I am going to describe in brief that how can you start your business.

Judge yourself

If you are starting a business, then you should always judge yourself how will you manage this work? You have to find a reason why do you want to do business. After that try to find your skills, your passion, your field of interest, how much you can spend. If you will find the answers to these question than this can help to make a clear picture of your business in your mind.

Conduct market research

The first thing you should do for your business is to conduct market research. Explore the market of your area and learn what opportunities in the market are for your business. This will help you to choose a good business idea. Try to find what people like most in the market. Is there any demand for your product and service? The income range, which product is in demand in the market, how much profit you get. You can also engage directly to the customers or try to do a survey. By analysing these things you can get a better idea that what is going in the market, this information will be very beneficial for you.

Write your business plans

It is the most important part of your business, that what your business plan for your business is. Aftermarket research you get an idea for your business that what you will provide, now make a complete roadmap for your business. You should make plans for how to structure, run, and grow your business successfully. This will help you in every stage of your business in starting and managing your business. You can pick the traditional business plan to run successfully.

Fund your business

The fund is a basic business need. Without the fund, you cannot start good business. Now your business plan will help you to know how much money you should need to start your business. Many people failed to start their business as they don’t make certain plans for the money. So before starting your business, figure out how much money do you have and how much money you needed. You can take the help of investors, bank loan to fund your business. But you should make plans for money very carefully, as it is a very important factor for any startup.

Your business location

Business location is one of the most important factors for any successful business because your business location determines that how much tax you will pay for that, how the law will affect your business, government licenses and fee, wage law, rules and regulations for that place. So it is very important to choose the right city, state and place for your business.

Build your team

To make good planning for your business you need to a good team so they can help you to run your business successfully. Select your team very carefully as they will decide many factors for your business.

Licence and permits

The most important thing to run your business is that applies for a licence and permit to run your business legally. Register your company with a better name and take all government permissions to run your business without any problem.


Are you planning to write a blog and need to learn how to start? Then don’t worry I am here to tell you some steps on how to start to write blog.

Choose a niche name

The first thing to do for blogging is to pick a niche name or topic for your blog. Your topic should be interesting, and it is also related to the topic which people search. You niche name is very important in the blog so choose it very carefully.

Select the best blogging platform

So other step is to find the best blogging platform for your blog. Choose that platform which suits your blog. There are many blogging websites like,,, etc, so choose the website which you like.

Find a web hoster and domain for blogging

Now next step is to choose your web hosting provider and domain. Web hosting provider acts as a foundation for your blog to run your blog successfully and by domain name, your blog appears online with the unique web address.

Designing and maintaining a blog

Now the next step is to design your blog beautifully so it seems attractive. There are soo many platforms which you can use to design and maintain your blog. is one of the best platforms you can use as it provides various themes, design and layout for your blog.

Read useful resources

Now, this is a very important step you should follow if you are doing a blog seriously. Start learning about blogging, if you learn more then your chance for success in the field of blogging also be more. There are many resources available online related to blogging. So you can take help from them to be a good blog writer.


Freelancer is a type of job in which a person works for themselves to an organisation. It is a type of self-employed job. As a freelancer, you can do your most of your work from home. Do you want to make your career in a freelancing?  Here I am going to tell you some step you should follow to start your freelance career.

Define your goal

It is a very important step toward your career. Choose your goal that where do you want to go, why you are doing this, what type of work you can do, how much work you can do. Make proper planning regards your goal.

Pick a niche

Now next step is choosing your niche. Your niche should be attractive as there is though competition in the market, so choose a different and suitable niche for you.

Target clients

It is one of the important parts for your business, to select the right clients for you. You should keep in your mind that your clients should be perfect for your job so select only those clients who can give you better work. You can choose the right clients by working with the. Work with them for some period and after that choose certain client whose work suits you.

Make your website

It is also a very important step that creates your website. Make an attractive website and upload your best work into your website so whenever any client reaches your website he can see your work. This step can create your positive image in the client’s mind.

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