Simple Guide to Content Development in 2020

Content Marketing

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Content development is the process in which we create content, we develop it from start to finish till the last point. 

Content development comprises of so many little processes which includes different planning, organization, writing, SEO optimization , publishing, promotion, strategic execution behind content creation and distribution. 

You must have heard this line ‘Content is King’, which clearly tells you about importance of the content. People are busy in their own world, everyone is going through their own difficulties of life. 

So, drawing their attention from their own life issues and convince them to buy your product or make them to take subscription of your channel or any website or anything is not that easy. For this you need a powerful content which will leave an impact on reader’s mind and they will be bound to purchase your product or take your subscription.

May be, you will serve the content they are searching for but still they will not read it completely if it’s not much attractive as in this crowded world there is competition everywhere and you will have to be better than them to surpass them. 

So, this article will explain you the basics of content development and processes involved into this.

Content is not just about writing, it includes blog posts, images and videos etc. Everything which is giving you information which contain knowledge in any ways is content.

Content development has mainly two sides to balance and distribute. First one is strategic planning like how and when to distribute organized content. Second side is content creation, writing authoritative and innovative content. Basically, the architecture. The best content creators are those who use compelling storytelling to captivate the mind of their readers and to sell their message, to explain problems and giving their solutions through relatable narrative.

At first, we develop a plan. Then we proceed to develop the writing.To become successful, we need to master both the things , the Production and the organization.

Stages of the Content Development Process

To make an effective and impactful content you need to learn several steps of content development.

1. Observing your competitors within same field

Deeply Observe what your competitors are lacking. Try to fill that void. This is the best way to surpass your competitor. Don’t give readers even a single reason to find any mistakes or any irrelevant thing. Steal good things from other sites like what is the best thing on others site, the way they write content. Ask the audience what kind of content they are expecting from you, whatever they want, its your responsibility to give them that. Customer’s satisfaction should be your utmost priority. Leave an impact on the visitors of your site, if they come once, they should be bound to come again and again.

2. Observing Customer’s Behavior and buying pattern.

Observe carefully to the buyers, their buying habits and behaviors of customers. Like what they buy in which season, during month end , during starting of the month, what they buy on weekdays and what on weekends, what adult people buy and what teenagers are interested into, You should also pay attention to your customer’s comments and suggestions which they give on social media. Because everyone speaks on social media what they feel about any product.

3. Maintaining Self-discipline.

You need to create a content development calendar which will be very helpful to you. To optimize your results, you need to map out a schedule of what content you need to post, how often to post it and fix dates of the postings. This will be an excellent planning tool which will give your team a centralized source to track progress of the content over multiple platforms.

 It would be a great way to quickly visualizing the amount and types of content you will be putting out this week, month or year. Without a calendar, you may risk duplication or creating gaps in essential content.

Calendars also helps you to plan for milestones, so that you can make the most important holidays and events without missing any of your work. Planning quarterly works better, as it is very difficult to plan out whole year at once. 

4. We can use Storytelling to Educate with Entertainment.

Potential customers are habitual of doing Google your services while sipping their morning tea or coffee. They will go through your site. They may admire your attractive design scheme. Their minds will wander. They will glance at other’s browser tabs. They will consider it as clicking a competitor’s link.

They will peruse your qualifications. They may find it impressive. Conveniently, they will find a important section of pulling quotes from satisfied customer testimonials. Your visitors might feel happy about it. Then they may notice your free resources page. They will watch videos, may download useful infographics and e-books. 

For topmost leading content providers, these things happen every single day. It can happen with you, too. And you can be successful overnight because you must have been working on this for very long time. So, this time you will get the profit out of it.

5. What makes a Content Powerful.

Content is the feather that tickles your customer’s curiosity and they are bound to read the full article, so this you have to make starting very attractive. It’s a pleasant itch which can’t help but scratch, and it leads to stellar profits.

You just need to capture the attention of visitors, so they will be converting it into paying customers. With a platform, rich in quality content.  Content which speaks to customer needs and demonstrates the name if the brand and brand value. 

The best content stimulates interest is which solves a problem and leaves customers wanting more and takes them to something which they would like to know but they didn’t want it before. It establishes one’s reputation as an industry professional and expert. 

6. Develop Free Content for Visitors.

You should provide free content because downloads are portable. They can read anytime online and offline as well, If visitors will not stay on your page still they can read your PDF later. It gives you popularity and a position and establishes you as an professional and expert. It will expand your network.  Downloads would be easy to share.

There are so many kinds of free content you can share which will not even cost a lot of money and you will be also to make a good network and profit because of that. Like you can write blog articles. Blogs are educational tools which is used to show off your expertise and brand’s way of writing. Online content like blogs is easily acceptable. Offer them just valuable information in your industry which is really required and the about the services you offer. Newsletters.  Email content must be entertaining and useful if you want people to read it, if you want to make them read. 

Tutorials and courses. Whether video courses or PDF tutorials, educational content will always be appreciated by customers and will prove your expertise.

These are some promotional tactics that you can use and get profit for your organization and showcase your content writing skills to the one’s who really need this. In this way, You will be able to expand your network , get unlimited work and make money.

Why is content development so important?

Successful content development requires to streamline our process. Once we get our production queued up and running, our organization becomes a well-oiled and well-structured machine.

Well-structured content development models would take the guesswork out of creating top-level content. This will let you focus on delivering most important information and making sales globally. 

Content development will also save you from missing deadlines. It ends procrastination and other kind of distractions that may steal time away from superb and crafting killer content.

We should follow the blueprint we unroll to visualize the structure and pattern of our goals, and the strategies and the plans to achieve them before deadline. You just need to control your workflow, so that you can pump out content quickly, hitting the deadlines while you are looking forward to raise your game with exponentially quality and unique content that keeps visitors always hungry for more and more.

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