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The word ‘blog’ can be defined as a website where any individual or any person who represents any organization writes about the topics, issues and subjects which they find are interesting. These are interactive and engaging and provides the author with the facility to engage their audience by attractive photos, themes and relevant links. It has become a common practice for writers to create their own blogs where they can engage with their audience and interact with them in a direct manner. I personally find blogging an interactive exercise where you can build your own audience and connect with them. Not only does this help an individual to develop his writing skills, but also it provides you the medium where you can connect with the people professionally. 

I have personally found five amazing bloggers who have inspired me to write blogs and keep myself engaged in this creative exercise.

Jonathan Morrow

Jonathan Morrow is not only one of the great writers who engages his audience with compelling write-ups, but also he is the owner of few of the great blogging companies which are Smart Blogger and Guest Blogger. Apart from this, Jonathan is an Associate Editor at Coppyblogger. Not only do I find Jonathan’s write up pieces very attractive, but I also admire him because of his interesting personality. He suffers from muscular dystrophy which has made him lose his ability to move his body except for his face. He truly is the living example of how can a person become successful in his life he wishes so and make all his efforts in this direction. Limitations are nothing to him and he believes in overcoming them with one’s dedication and passion. He has a fighting spirit that can inspire a lot of people to go and hunt for their dreams.  

Neil Patel from Quick Sprout 

Neil Patel is one of the other bloggers who fascinates me with his amount of success as a successful internet entrepreneur. He has been involved as a founder of some of the most amazing and successful companies. These are Kiss Metrics, Hello Bar, Crazy Egg and others. Neil provides and shares with some amazing insights as a blogger in Quick Sprout. The thing that inspires me about him is the fact that he has been immensely successful with the ventures he has been involved with. Further, he wants the same for his audience and he uses blogging as a medium to allow people to explore the business side of the blogging. He thus provides some of the most valuable tips for writers to excel their art not only creatively but also monetarily. These ideas not only involve the ways in which one generate web traffic, but also the smart means through which one can excel professionally as a blogger. 

Michael Dunlop from Income Diary

If there is any living example to the saying ‘age is just a number’, it has to be Michael Dunlop from Income Diary. Michael is one of the few interesting entrepreneurs who started having the taste of success at a very young age. I personally was very much enthused with the idea of making money through blogs online and guess what who inspired me to do so? Michael has some of the most amazing ideas for writers to monetize their blogs. Michael says that he is very much passionate about blogging and that what drove him to make efforts as a blogger. Michael thus inspires his readers to achieve all you want but pursuing your passion and making your efforts in that direction. Michael has been helping people by advising them to drive and generate massive traffic on your blogs. 

Lori Deschene from Tiny Buddha

 Lori is one of the bloggers whom I follow the most to find inner peace and wisdom. She is the founder of Little Buddha where she helps her user to find inner peace and happiness through her blogs. In Tiny Buddha, one can find relatable stories by associating with which one can find the solution to their daily problems. Tiny Buddha is rightly a one-stop destination for the seekers of wisdom and inner happiness. The thing which I like the most about Lori is that she establishes the personal connection with her audience through her writings in the manner one can only aspire for. I have personally found the tips and solutions of Tiny Buddha life-changing, something on which I can rely upon for my entire life. This website has millions and millions of followers on various platforms such as social media, where they can find daily quotes and inspiring stories. 

Arriana Huffington from Huffington Post

Arriana Huffington is a blogger from the Huffington Post which discusses and deliberates about the nuances of politics and various other issues. I am personally very much passionate about reading write-ups which are based on topics and issues such as Current Affairs and Politics. Arriana is one of the bloggers who provide me with valuable insights and knowledge I so need to satisfy my inner self. She started blogging in the year 2005 and is presently one of the topmost paid bloggers in the world. Her blog is undoubtedly the most successful blog in the world. This can be suggested by the fact that she has been able to earn an insane amount of money through her blogging alone. Her blogging has earned her more than $1 billion and has time and again attracted the interest of not only daily readers of the blog but also of several advertisers and sponsors.

This is the list of my favorite top 5 bloggers who I admire and inspire the most. Their stories are a few of the reasons of why I decided to start writing my own blog. I admire all of them due to certain special different qualities about them which obviously complements their unmatched writing skills which is aesthetical and inspirational at the same time.

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