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With the growing reach and access of internet across the world, the users engaged in online activities have seen a surge in the number of active internet users worldwide. This thus provides the opportunity for businesses, products, and brands to mark their presence online where they can reap the advantages of the medium. Social media channels and platforms are a one-stop destination for users worldwide to engage, interact and socialize globally. There has thus been a nonstop growth of the users joining platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.

 Furthermore, there is an increasing number of social networking platforms that cater to the different needs of the audience. In such a scenario, social media has become an important junction for the business, products, brands and marketers to increase the reach of their brand and products globally with a click of the fingertip. Social media has become an important tool to position the brand identity in the minds of the users on the internet. They further create demand value of such products and brands when the products catch the attention of the ever-growing number of users on such mediums. 

Not only this, but they also grab the attention of the audience and helps the products and brands to position themselves better in the minds of the users. This thus even fosters the recall value in the minds of the users using social media. Hence it is no wonder that the products and the brands have found a delight by maximising their presence on social media where they can interact with their audience with ease and personal touch. This hence is followed by the growing number of traffic of the users on the pages and profiles such brand creates on these very social networking platforms. 

Hence this affects and impacts the sales prospects the business in a positive manner. Hence it is right to suggest that social media is a favourable platform for and hence companies must join social media for growing sales. 

Social Media helps in tapping Target Audience

Social Media allows the organisations to mark their presence in the platforms which are used by the target audience. For instance, a user finds an ample of advertisements on some of the most commonly used platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., based upon the interest of the users. Businesses have thus used Social Media to their advantage by tapping the appropriate social media channel for themselves, where they may tap to the specific needs of the audience belonging to a certain demographic cluster. 

For example, people aged 18-29 have more chances of them being engaged with platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and others. The marketers can thus use this opportunity to position their brand if their target audience falls under this age group. Thus by tapping the target audience, companies can use Social Media for growing sales.

Association with social media influencers are beneficial

Social Media allows the businesses to associate themselves with the internet influencers who can give voice to their product by making it a household name by reaching to masses. These social media influencers can thus partner with these products or promote them on their social media feed engaging millions and millions of their followers to get familiarised about the brand value of the product. 

This also helps the products and brands to position themselves in a better manner when they have prior knowledge about the audience base of any social media influencer. For example – A fashion blogger can pose for the picture wearing a particular brand when endorsing such one. He/she can further discuss how comfortable and affordable the clothing is. This way the concerned brand is promoted while the audience who is close to such a fashion blogger can associate themselves with the brand which can thus grow traffic and sales for the particular product. Hence companies can use social media for growing sales by associating with social media influencers.

Loyal customers finds exposure to become brand advocates

Social Media gives the platform to turn their loyal customers into the advocates of the brand. With social media, every individual has a voice that can be reached to any number of people. The voices of the loyal brand customers can be used to advocate the usage of the product when they personally vouch for it. This generates a sense of personal touch amongst the followers of the user, and this further endorses a sense of genuineness, familiarity and credibility among the specific class of audience.

 Further, there have been the marketing exercises in which the products and brands have run a social media campaign where a lot of loyal customers have turned to share their loyalty for bran by discussing their personal stories. Hence the social media increases the personal touch by giving voice to the loyal consumers of the brand who can further impact positively to generate growth in sales and the traffic of users towards any particular product. Thus in this manner the loyal consumers allows companies to grow when they use social media for growing sales of the product.

Opportunity to engage audience with user generated content.

Social Media platforms can be used by the product, brands, and businesses to engage with their audience directly. This thus connects and allows the product and the audience to have a greater dynamic of the interaction process than compared to the conventional mediums of interaction. This platform can thus be used by the products, brands, and the business to develop and create innovative, unique and engaging content which appeals, binds and captivates the class of audience. 

With this, the companies and brand have a better name and better image which can be further caught even by the disinterested users of the product when such exercises take the form of a campaign. Further such content can be informative and educative discussing the various attributes of their product making the sections of the audience gain knowledge about the product. Hence, this medium is especially beneficial for the newcomers when they are short of the avenues and capacity to market and position their product. Thus companies can use social media for growing sales by making attractive user generated content. 

Advertisement on social media are the next big thing after radio and television

Social Media gives the platform for companies, brands and products to invest their resources in advertising in the social networking platforms where billions of users engage their presence in such platforms. Not only this, but the millennials dedicate a major portion of their time to engage in the socialites of the platform. Hence we find users tuning their clicks on the app icons of such platforms on a repetitive basis keeping them very much occupied and busy. 

Hence to advertise on such platforms is gives a great amount of exposure to the products and brands, when they advertise on such social networking platforms. This ensures the high amount of visibility and engagement by the classes of the audience at a much affordable and convenient than compared to the traditional means of advertisement. Hence the social networking platforms can thus increase the traffic of the users to engage in the profiles and pages of the business. Thus companies can advertise and venture on social media for growing sales of products and services.


Social Media Posters engagement between the users and the business when social networking platforms are a more interactive and creative medium to help businesses grow. This growth can be directly tacked with growth in the numbers of the traffic of users into the social media pages of the business. 

Businesses can thus directly track and assess the effectiveness of their message in engaging the audience with the various analytics tools. This also hence helps the business to convert engagement into the growth of the business. Hence it is right to conclude that companies nowadays use social media for growing sales of products and services by building relationship with audience.

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