What is SEO? And Why is SEO Important in 2020

What is seo

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Ever since the dawn of the internet, SEOs is what most online businesses have been talking about. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a way of increasing traffic to your website through set rules that give you top ranking on search engines. You don’t need to pay anything to rank highly on these search engines. That is why it is said that you rank highly on the search engines’ organic results.

As much as most people assume that SEO is about the technical aspect of browsers, it is not. SEO is more about individuals. What products people want. What services they need. The locality of getting these products and services. The words they use to search for what they want.

The Types of SEO

The types of SEO depend on a variety of things. Our classification bases itself on how they work to ensure your website gets the online presence it deserves.

1. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is basically about the content of the website. You have to have excellent and creative content that will wow search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

You need to research keywords that will lead to more clicks on your site. Keywords are what will make or break your SEO strategy. They are the words and phrases that allow people to get your website in search engines.

2. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the technical aspect of search engine optimization. It involves more about how the search engine work behind the scenes. It includes stuff like the speed of your website, site structure, site crawlability, and indexing.

i. Website Speed

The links to your site shouldn’t take more than three seconds to open up. If it takes longer than this, your audience will give up and opt for a competitor’s faster site.

ii. Mobile-Friendly

Your website should be mobile-friendly. A potential client should find it easy to use a smartphone or a tablet to access your site. You can only access some through computers, which is a bit inconvenient at times. Picture a client who urgently needs a Taxi service, and there are no empty Taxis in his locality. If he can access a Taxi website through his mobile, he will get the required services faster. But if he has to use a computer to get a taxi website, it will take up more of his time, which is rather inconvenient.

iii. Websites Architecture

Nobody likes the feeling of being lost. Even those who love adventure get a thrill at knowing they didn’t get lost in a foreign land. Your website should be structured so that visitors don’t lose their way while searching for what they need. People are more impatient nowadays. We live in a society where we love instant everything. Instant coffee, instant tea, instant products, and services are what we prefer. So when your site is all jumbled up, visitors give up for a better-structured place where they will get instant gratification.

iv. Crawlability and Indexing

Search engines have what are called web crawlers that search for new web content by following web links. Their job is to explore, detect, and index these new web content.

Crawlability is the ability of a search engine to search and detect new web content. Indexability is the ability of the search engine to analyze a website’s content and add it to its index.

3. Off-Site or Off-Page SEO

Off-Site SEO means having backlinks on other authority websites that, when clicked, will link to your website. It means that a client can be on a very different site, but when he clicks on certain links, he finds himself on your website.

The more the number of authority websites with backlinks to your site, the more search engines know that your site is valuable.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO has become an integral part of online marketing. It is almost like a website with no SEO is a site waiting to die. Picture a store with no door. You can only see the products on display, but you have no way of getting in to inquire or purchase. That is what a website with no SEO looks like. Everything and everyone is online. So if you haven’t set up search engine optimization or what you have isn’t that strong, your website will be like a wall clock that nobody ever checks.

1. Cheaper Than Any Form of Advertising

To have your website search engine optimized, you need to part with a certain amount when getting your website optimized. But after that, you won’t have to pay for anything.

Google employs what is called organic ranking. Google determines how each website is indexed through organic ranking. You, therefore, don’t need to pay any amount, unlike the pay per click.

2. For Credibility and Trust

A site that appears on the first page of a search engine and ranks among the top three sites is very trusted by most visitors. Businesses have to work hard and overtime to gain client trust and loyalty. Take Vaseline, for example. The brand did not gain popularity overnight. It has taken years of employing all marketing strategies to make it a household brand. When your website ranks top on search engines and receives more clicks, it gains popularity and credibility. Visitors and clients rely more on your site for the services they need.

3. Increase in Sales

A well-done SEO on your website will gain you more sales as a business. You will receive more clicks on your site if you get to be on the first page of search engines and the top three listings. Many visitors of the web only click on the first three sites shown on the first page of Google. They never get to click on more items. So, with your website on the top list, you are assured that your sales will go up. More clicks equal better sales potential.

4. Increased Website Traffic

SEO aims to get you more traffic. A website that has been well optimized by search engines and has crawlable links will be indexed excellently on the search engine. It has a higher potential of gaining the top ranks, which is what all companies clammer for.

5. Be Ahead of Your Competitors

Though excellent SEO strategies for your website, you can gain milestones over your competitors. SEO dramatically improves your online presence. It makes you a force to reckon with. If you get indexed and appear among the top lists on the first page of Google, you automatically become the giant in your industry.


The internet has brought with it many goodies. It has made it possible to sit on your sofa and order pizza by making a few clicks on your phone. You can order the best furniture from the comfort of your living room. You can search for the best place to have dinner from your hotel room if you are on vacation. But all these are possible through the use of SEO. It means that companies offering these services have created websites and used search engines to optimize them. They have brought these services closer to you. All you need to do is type a few words and make a few clicks.

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